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Ever been in an unfortunate incident where a dog bit you? Well, do not worry, you’re not alone. As per the American Veterinary Medical Association, 4.5 million dog bites are reported per annum in the US alone. This article aims to clear all relevant queries regarding dog bites. Moreover, you can find all the relevant laws and information on steps you should take if you ever get bit by a dog. Reach out to The Representatives based. Book your consultation online or call at (888) 910-REPS (7377). Besides the mental agony, the affected often suffer physical injuries from the accident. You can always count on our team of expert personal injury attorneys with years of experience who have helped 100s of clients get the compensation they deserve.
Can You Get Compensated For a Dog Bite Injury?
If you get attacked by a dog, you can recover damages from the owner of the dog. Utah is a ‘strict liability‘ state, which means that the dog owner is directly liable if the dog in their possession bites someone. It is irrelevant if the dog has never attacked anyone prior to the incident, is well trained, or is not aggressive.

Is There A Law Related to Dog Bites?
The short answer is Yes! Relevant provisions can be found under Utah Code Ann. § 18-1-1. As per the Utah Code; 1. The guardian or the owner of the dog can be liable to compensate the victim attacked by the dog. 2. Where the dog that is attacked is in an enclosed fence or boundary, there is no liability on behalf of the owner of the dog if they attacks and injure or kills the victim’s dog. 3. If an on-duty police dog attacks the suspect while arresting or finding them, there is no liability. Dog bite laws are very specific and would require an expert personal injury attorney to make a successful claim for adequate compensation, book a free consultation with our team of expert attorneys.
Police Dogs
If police dogs bite or attack during a suspect chase, then the Law Enforcement Agency is not liable for the dog bite. However, if the incident takes place off duty, then a claim against the Agency is possible.
Here are some of the ways an attorney with experience can help you fight your case and win a fair compensation
  1. Investigate and collect evidence; Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys at The Representatives gather evidence to strengthen the case by investigating the police report and video or photographs of the crash scene and by contacting any relevant witnesses to the accident. This would be helpful later to receive the best possible compensation.
  2. Negotiate With the Insurance Company; The insurance company’s primary goal is to negotiate with the victim to receive the lowest possible compensation. Our experienced Attorneys act as your representative and negotiate a fairer compensation directly with the insurance company. Call now at (888) 910-REPS (7377) or book a free consultation now.
  3. Fight for Your Right Through Litigation Litigation is the last resort generally, but our team of personal injury attorneys will prepare your case and appear before a Judge to make sure you’re well compensated.
  4. Help You Calculate the Maximum Compensation Claimable
Are you not sure about how much the compensation should be? Don’t worry. Our team has years in practice as dog bite attorneys in the state of Utah. Knowing the extent to which the dog owner owes you compensation is the first step to negotiating damages adequately and not getting low-balled into the lowest possible compensation. The compensation varies on the facts of each case, but certain factors determine it, which includes
  • The size and the breed of the dog
  • The extent of your injuries
  • The medical cost of treatment
  • Mental trauma ( if any)
  • The number of dogs and the duration for which you have been attacked for
The adequate compensation is conditional on the merits of each case, but here are some of the possible losses you could recover from the dog's owner.
  • Medical expenses, including surgery charges, hospital bills, and any ongoing care charges
  • Mental trauma
  • Damage to personal property
  • Loss of earnings, which also includes any future earnings disrupted due to the dog bite.
The Representative is an injury law firm, that has helped numerous victims of dog bites to get fair damages from the dog owners to get their life back on track. Book a free consultation online or call at (888) 910-REPS (7377) with our experienced attorneys.

you fail to register a claim within four years of the date of the dog attack, you’re officially time-barred as per the laws.


In the state of Utah, the courts could find you to be negligent and reduce the number of damages.
However, the chances are rare as most people do not intentionally annoy the dog, resulting in dog bites. You can even claim if the dog does not bite you, but the attack results in injury.
Your percentage of fault lowers the amount of compensation you get. If a jury awards compensation of 100,000$, and your fault has been assessed to be 30 percent, you’ll be awarded 70,000$ in compensation.
Subsequently, if your fault is assessed to be 50 percent or above, you cannot claim damages in Utah.

When an aggressive dog injures or kills your dog, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the owner of that dog.
There is one exception: if your dog enters the dog owner's land without permission and the attacking dog is surrounded by a fence or other type of enclosure, the attacking dog is not responsible for your dog's harm or death.

The Representative is a personal injury law firm. Our team of expert attorneys have years of experience representing clients and getting fair compensation. Avail of a free consultation now.


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