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A semi-truck accident is far more common than you would think. As per a report published by Utah Safety Council in 2019, 5005 semi-truck accidents caused fatalities in the US alone. What is more worrying is the fact that the number of accidents has increased a staggering 43 per cent as compared to the year 2010. Accidents result in major injuries and fatalities in some situations, but accident with a truck is 2x more likely to cause serious injuries or a fatality in comparison with a car accident. If you have been in an unfortunate accident with a semi-truck in the state of Utah, reach out to The Representative or call now at  (888) 910-REPS (7377) for a free consultation to discuss your case with experienced personal injury attorneys. 
Car Accidents
Did you know;
  • A car crash takes place after every 8 minutes
  • A person dies every 33 hours due to a car crash
  • A citizen is injured due to a car crash after every 20 minutes.

Common Injuries resulting from a Semi-Truck Accident
  • Broken Bones A possibility exists that the accident will cause serious damage, including multiple broken bones and internal organ damage.
  • Psychiatric Injury Mental disturbance and anxiety resulting from a semi-truck collision is common. These include the chance of permanent or partial impairments, PTSD, and memory loss.
  • Internal Injuries Often, despite going through a serious accident, minimal physical impacts like bruises and lacerations are suffered. It is advised that you consult a certified doctor to ensure you are not bleeding internally or injured.
  • Amputation
  • Fracture
Have you or your loved ones been in a Semi-Truck Accident recently and are unsure about the types of damages that could possibly be claimed? As per the Law, the burden of identifying liability is upon the victim of an accident. Here are some damages that are recoverable;
  • Economic damages All sorts of monetary losses are recoverable, including but not limited to medical expenses, damage to the automobile, and lost wages due to the accident.
  • Non-monetary losses Some damages cannot be recovered in economic or financial terms. Utah offers compensation for such damages. A claim for loss of enjoyment of life, PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, costs of rehabilitation, and physical impairment are a few examples.
  • Punitive damages The courts might offer punitive damages to the victim; these damages are not co-related to any injuries and are not aimed to compensate the affected parties. It is a form of penalty in the hope of curbing the increasing number of road accidents.
If you are unsure about the amount or type of damages you should fight to recover, hiring an experienced attorney for consultation is a great idea. If you want The Representatives based in Sandy, Utah ,to help book a free consultation or call now at  (888) 910-REPS (7377).
Often, a lot of victims jump to the conclusion that a case can only be filed against the Driver after an accident. This is not always true! A trucking company, government agencies, truck owner, part manufacturer, or a maintenance contractor can be held liable, depending on the facts of a case. Contact our experienced team of Personal Injury Attorneys by booking a free consultation now.
Car accident claims can be tricky. Here are some of the ways The Representatives can help.
  • Case Evaluation It is important that each and every possible angle of the case is investigated to be awarded adequate damages. Our team of expert attorneys with years of experience working with Semi-Truck accidents in Utah can help evaluate your case and help you move back to the life you enjoyed before the accident.
  • Court Representation Often, a negligent truck driver or the company refuses to take responsibility for their negligence. In such a scenario, The Representatives will fight for your rights and justice by taking the negligent driver to Court.
  • Finding Evidence Evidence is by far the most critical aspect of a successful Semi-Truck accident case. Our team of skilled attorneys will investigate and find solid, compelling evidence that strengthens your claim for recovery of damages. The Representative will focus on
  • Negotiating with the Insurance Company The insurance company might approach you as a friend, but in reality, they will do their best to lowball and offer the lowest possible compensation. Generally, the truck company or the truck driver has their own insurance and attorneys, so it is advised for the victim to approach a qualified lawyer.
The Representative has helped 100s of victims of Semi-truck accidents to get the fairer compensation that they deserve. Hear what our clients say about our services. Call now at (888) 910-REPS (7377) or book a free consultation.
  • Maintenance fault
  • Negligence on behalf of the Driver
  • Drunk and Driving
  • Long hours of Driving

If you have gone through an accident with a Semi-Truck, here is a list of things you should do, in order to have a strong case.

  • Call the Authorities
    It is important that the relevant authorities reach the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Until then, you should not move your automobile away from the place of the accident.
  • Call for Medical Care
    If you are bleeding, injured, or feeling discomfort, you should seek medical assistance right away. The injuries resulting from truck crashes can be fatal.
  • Gather Evidence
    The evidence makes or breaks a case. It is advised that you obtain the drivers’ name, license, number plate information, and information about possible witnesses to the accident.
The Representative is a personal injury law firm. Our team of expert attorneys have years of experience representing clients and getting fair compensation. Avail of a free consultation now.


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