Not all claims were created equal. While our data tells us that Personal Injury claims
handled by The Representatives resolve in 9 months (approximate average), others
may take years!
Along the way you will likely have many questions that we’re happy to answer for you, in
the meantime here are some Frequently Asked questions & Answers (FAQ&A):

A1: Make sure you take photos and document the damages to your vehicle that were
caused by the accident.
A2: It’s time to put the insurance company on notice by filing a claim for your property
damage and for your injuries. Keep in mind Property Damage and Personal Injury
claims are separate.
A3: It’s important that you practice patience directly after your accident. Before taking
the steps to repair or replace your vehicle you ALWAYS want to make sure that the
insurance company has accepted responsibility for your claim; in some cases this may
take days but in others it may take weeks.

A: Most law firms will ONLY help you with your Personal Injury claim because they are
not paid to do so. The Representatives are not like every other law firm;

A1: Take your vehicle to an Auto Body Shop of your choice and ask for a quote to repair
your vehicle’s cosmetic damage that was caused by the accident. If you want help
finding an Auto Body Shop, please let us know.
A2: Make sure that the Auto Body Shop knows NOT to start repairs until we have
submitted a quote for repairs to the insurance company. You can ask them to give it to
you directly or send it to The Representatives.
A3: Once we have received confirmation from the insurance company that they will pay
for the damages to your vehicle that were listed in your quote, we can have the Auto
Body Shop start repairing your vehicle. Please keep in mind that we cannot control how
long these repairs may take.
A4: It is possible that the cost to repair your vehicle/property is greater than its value
before the accident. In that case, we will inform the insurance and work to have them
replace your vehicle with a comparable one instead. See the following FAQA for more

A1: We will need your help locating your vehicle. If it was towed away from the accident,
provide us with the towing company’s information.
A2: Once we’ve located your vehicle, we will coordinate with the insurance company to
have your vehicle released/picked up from its current location. The insurance company
will have it evaluated to determine whether your car can be repaired. Typically, when a
car is towed away from the accident it likely that the vehicle will need to be replaced.
A3: If your vehicle is to be replaced, the insurance company will find comparable
vehicles that are being sold in your area to determine the value of your vehicle.
A4: Once the value of your replacement vehicle has been determined, the insurance
company will ask that we provide: the title to your vehicle, your bank information, and
your lender’s information (if applicable).
A5: The sooner we provide the information from (A4), the sooner we will have a check
mailed out to replace your vehicle.

A1: If you are without transportation following your accident, we will first need to
determine whether your insurance policy qualifies you for a rental car.
A2: If your policy states that you qualify for a rental car, your insurance will only provide
one to you once your vehicle has been released to them for an evaluation and/or once
repairs on your vehicle have started.
A3: If your policy states that you DO NOT qualify for a rental car, we will do our best to
find you an alternative option.

Personal Injury Lawyers

An accident can be a traumatic experience, which is usually accompanied by physical injuries and large medical bills, you do not have to go through that process alone, The Representatives are specialists in representing victims of physical and emotional injuries caused by all types of vehicle accidents.

While you fight to recover from your injuries, we’ll fight against insurance companies.

simply call us at (888) 910-REPS (7377)

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